60 Artists 0n 50th

31 Mar

60 Artists on 50th

60 Artists on 50th

1601 W. 50th Street Minneapolis, MN 55419Hi all!  Just a quick reminder… Art show season is upon us!  The 60 on 50th Art show is happening tomorrow!

Burroughs Community School on Saturday, as in tomorrow!

Here is the address:

1601 W. 50th Street Minneapolis, MN 55419

Hope to see you there!!!


Summer Time take 3…

27 Jun

Hi!  Just wanted to let you all know that I have updated some images under the Up-cycled and glass works pages…

Had a bit of extra motivation today after resting from the weekend.  I’ve been working on some groovy Lapel Pins for Lapels, Hats or any thing for that matter…IMG_0415I’ve created some really cool fused glass leather cuffs and bracelets.  I am really excited to get these rolling out!  I am so loving the colors of the dichroic glass!  I am hoping I can find some more interesting findings while I am in Germany!  These are so cool!!!IMG_0403

Thanks so much for having a looksie!  Peace…

Summer Time Take 2

27 Jun

Thanks to everyone that showed up for the Eagan Art Festival!  It was a fun weekend, and I loved seeing you all.  Even had some of my former and current art students show up.  it is always fun to see my lil’ Peeps!

Saturday was a bit too hot and sticky for this girl!  Added to that the possibility of severe weather… it was a bit worrisome, but, no storm was to be seen!    Sunday Funday!  What a gorgeous day!  It was all fun and games until tear down, when the wind was whipping up a storm.  it even took hold of someones booth and flipped it over a few before piercing someone else’s booth.  Thank god no one was hurt!

I slept like a baby last night and am ready to tackle the next phase of my summer~  Travel!

I will be off visiting family and friends and exploring Germany for the next few weeks~ restoring my self and my soul after this long teaching year.  I will be back hopefully  rejuvenated and ready to work on some really amazing clay creations!

Wishing you all a great summer! Peace…

Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

19 Jun

Hi All!!!!

Summer is here!  Well, tomorrow officially!  I am coming up on the end of my first week off of school…  and it’s been pretty great!  A little relaxing, a little digging in the yard and garden, pickling a bit and making jam… and of course getting some of my creatine energy back and throwing some new pots.

It has been a crazy school year, and probably one of the most difficult I have had in my 21 years of teaching.  It was hard to try and be creative when exhausted at the end of the day.  but… I am ready to get things rolling!  I have some new ideas, a couple new glazes, and creativity ready to come to fruition!


I am going to be going to Germany again this summer… in a couple of weeks.  I am very excited to see my family and a few friends!  and… My crafty cousin is going to take me to a few of her favorite bead shops for a bit of shopping.  Can’t wait to see what I can find to incorporate into my work!

Have a great summer!  Hope to see you guys at the few shows that I am doing!


24th Annual Midway Pottery Sale

2 Dec

Just a lil’ reminder that we are having our 24th Annual Midway Pottery Studio Sale.

December 11: 4-8 Party Night,

December 12: 10-5

Lots of great art ready for the buying.  Help support your local artists, but some really great gifts for family, friends or just really, your self!

Hope to see you there!

2015 Holiday Sale Card (dragged) 12015 Holiday Sale Card (dragged)

Crazy times and Holidays

24 Nov

Things are totally cuckoo right now.  Finals are approaching, students scrambling to get things done, grading… and Thanksgiving… Getting ready for our Holiday Studio Sale (which is December 11-12th) cleaning up my studio from shows the last 3 weeks, and keeping my sanity until “Winter Break”!

Wishing you all a happy Holiday!  see you in a few!

Sogn Valley Craft Fair

2 Oct


Hi All!  it’s the Annual pilgrimage to Sogn Valley for the Sogn Valley Craft Fair!

This weekend!

Saturday from 10-5 and Sunday from 10-4

Lots of great Potters and many other artists!

Come enjoy the fabulous fall weather that minnesota has to offer!

Hope to see you all there!


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